About Sandy

Hello!  I reside in Fate, Texas with my husband and two boys.  Fate is a small country town where I love being close to nature.  The wide open spaces give me opportunities to experience vast connectedness with the trees, animals, and the sky.

My roots began in Westland, Michigan—a Detroit suburb-where I was born and raised in a loving family.  My father was an outdoor conservationist; and I attribute my love for the outdoors to him.  I always felt that I was a mountain girl, although I didn’t have many opportunities to explore the mountains.

As a young child, I felt connected and was a natural intuitive, even though I didn’t know what that meant at the time.  I was always drawn to spiritual events and spiritual people; I looked for God in everyone and everything.  My innate love for people carried with me throughout my adult life and now I am deepening and expanding my gifts in new exciting ways!

My experience and skills consist of Trinity Energy Progression™, Reiki, intuitive guidance, coaching, and dance healing. My specialties include teaching people how to raise their consciousness and thrive in high vibrational living. I am thrilled to help others transform their lives through self-empowerment and self-discovery of …reconnecting with their Magic within. I do this with private healing & coaching sessions and Trinity Training workshops.

I have had a deep passion for dancing since high school. I made my way back to dance later in life and I’m enjoying each step along the way…a little pivot here and a chasse there. Take some time for kicks and twists, shakes and shimmies. I love to get lost in the music and totally immerse myself in the flow….dancing for fun and dancing for teaching. I teach exhilarating Zumba classes and I also teach private lessons. Both are refreshing for the body, mind, and spirit.

“To Dance is to be out of Yourself. Larger, more beautiful, and powerful….” ~Agnes de Mille

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