Just For Fun & Community Service

I’ve always loved dancing, so what better way to share my love for life than by sharing my dance events? I love inspiring others to get up and move. It awakens the Inner Child. Dance is an expression, a story, and an adventure. It’s art in motion. There’s so much more going on than what meets the eye.

Just For Fun

Dance is my favorite way to help others connect with their Inner Child…which is their own Magic and Wonder! Watch and feel. Maybe you will be inspired to get up and connect with your own inner child; or perhaps your own inner dance goddess. 😉

102915_Home_ss10Dancing at home just for fun: Dancing freestyle in my room just for fun!! It was midnight, I was really tired …. yet my husband turned music and asked me if I could dance to this song. I said, “Play it and let’s see.” LOL.  Apparently, I could dance to this song. It was a lot of fun, totally off the cuff, and you can see how it completely uplifted my energy.  That’s one thing I just love about dance!! 😉

102915_ZumbaDancing publicly for fun with others: This video is a presentation of 200 Dallas area Zumba® instructors giving a demo of a Zumba class at the Dallas Mavericks Halftime show in April 2015. It was SO much fun to be a part of this show and dancing with my Zumba buddies!!

Community Service

I’ve always had a soft heart for good causes; and over the years, I have been compelled to get involved in specific charities and community service projects.  Here are some of my favorite service events!  These are a couple of my favorites; check out the rest of my Community Service videos by clicking here:

Haunted Trail; Adult Thriller Dance, Adults & Kids Thriller Dance, Kids Only Thriller Dance:  I LOVED participating in the Haunted Trail in 2011 and 2012!!  We got our Zombie on in the most thrilling way. We had SO much FUN performing for the people waiting in line to get into the Haunted Trail.  Our goal was to keep the crowd entertained during the long wait.  In October 2012, it was so much fun having both the adults and kids dancing together.

102915_ZumbaPolar Express Dance Routine; Woodcreek, December 2013:  Every year around Christmas, the Woodcreek community puts on a very special holiday event called “Polar Express” which features The Polar Express Train Ride, Holiday Light Tour, Santa Claus, and magical characters.  I organized and choreographed this dance to spread holiday cheer to the guests waiting in line for the train. Imagination is taken to a whole new level during this enchanted evening of fantasy and fun.

Support Connection:

If you would like to help me in connecting people through dance and movement events, you may give a monetary gift here.  Any love offering is greatly appreciated!