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I LOVE dance and I love how it opens me up and takes me to another world! Many of my students have said the same thing about my classes….that they have so much fun and feel so exhilarated after a class. I love it when they share their feelings with me about how dance has made them feel more alive…

If you’re inspired to let me know how I’ve impacted your dancing, I’d welcome the opportunity to share it here. Feel free to send me a “Testimonial” on my Contact page.

Below are some kind words which others have shared about me.  I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

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Pure joy. That’s what I get from going to Sandy’s classes. Zumba clears my mind and allows me to take a break from the chaos that day to day life can throw at you. It also helps me to focus on my physical health and well being.

Sandy’s choreography is easy to follow, yet she gives you ways to amp it up for more difficulty if you’re able. She exudes positive energy and always has a smile on her face! You can tell she loves what she does, and she loves to help other people love themselves too! She has become a treasure to my mother & I, and we always look forward to taking Sandy’s classes!

She will bend over backwards to help you any way she can and has exceptional customer service!  I highly recommend DawnofaNewDance!

Tierney Holmgren

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“I am so glad that we connected two years ago through our work with the One Billion Rising Event.

As I got to know you…I realized you had a gift of helping others heal through your teaching and energy work. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.”

In Health & Happiness,
Vickie Griffith
Owner, Female Factor Fitness
Dallas, Tx

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“I wanted to share my testimony about attending your Zumba classes and how awesome I feel after each class.

As you know, our lives are so hectic and sometimes adding one more thing on the to do list, even if it’s exercise, can be challenging at times. However, if I make a commitment to go and stick with it regardless of how my day plays out I’m always grateful that I did!

The routines are so much fun that it doesn’t feel like exercise. But for me, the added bonus is the uplifting and positive energy you create when you teach that I can’t stop smiling. You are a true inspiration to others and I love your class!”

Cheryl McBride

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“When it comes to working out or exercising, I am definitely not an enthusiast but it’s something that must be done. I usually force myself to do a workout video or go get on the treadmill or elliptical. It feels like years have passed by the time I have finished my 30 minutes.

Then I met Sandy and she told me about Zumba. I love to dance; so it definitely sounded intriguing. It is the most fun I have EVER had exercising. I don’t feel overworked (unless I ramp it up which Sandy teaches you how to do different levels); and I have so much fun with the routines that I cannot believe an hour has passed.

Sometimes I secretly wish she would do just one more routine because I do not want the fun to end. Do not get me wrong though, just because it is fun does not mean you don’t get a workout. Like I mentioned, Sandy shows you different ways to get even more cardio out of the workout.

Sandy is an amazing teacher and always has the most vibrant smile. She makes it so much fun and brings an extra special component to her routines. She greets you like a friend and is so sincere. I look forward to her class each week! If you have not tried Zumba or tried it before and didn’t like it, give it a try with Sandy!”

April Votaw

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“I have been attending Sandy Anthony’s classes since day one! I was thrilled to have a Zumba instructor close to home. I had done Zumba in the past so I was already a fan but I had no idea how much energy and fun that I would have in Sandy’s classes.

Sandy goes above and beyond to make her classes fun and exciting. She brings fun props for us to enjoy as we dance to the routines; and she brings fun music. She has a talent for choreographing her own routines which is fun, since it’s not your typical cookie cutter routines. She keeps in mind the various levels of fitness needs for her classes so she speaks with everyone to make sure they are hitting their fitness goals.

Not only have I found a great Zumba instructor, but also a friend. By partnering Weight Watchers and Zumba with Sandy, I have lost 45 lbs and am keeping it off.”

Patti McKenzie

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“Sandy is a great example of a person who sets goals, puts her mind and passion into achieving her goals; and is successful as a result.

I have watched her grow from one of my Zumba students, into a Zumba instructor herself.  I am so proud of her!

I also admire her leadership skills and never-ending positivity and ability to listen and care for others beyond the work-out.  She is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known!

Raina McIlwain

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