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Here you’ll find information on upcoming events I’m participating in, events which have ended that I participated in as well as resources to help support you on your own path.

I’ll be adding numerous helpful hints related to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health plus some meditative MP3s to help guide you in a meditative practice of your own. I hope you enjoy the resources.

Upcoming Events

Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness

20160619_164721_rev2Join me for the Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness Sunday, June 26th for an incredible life-enhancing event! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about hundreds of healing modalities from highly skilled practitioners and teachers.

I will be performing with the Goddess of Light Dance Group at 11:45am, so come by the main stage to see us!
I will have a Dawn of a New Dance booth and I will be offering Trinity Energy Progression sessions at 30 minutes for $25. Purchase a VIP pass at the door for an extra discount. Entry and parking is free!

There are MANY LIVE dance & music performances all day long! What a wonderful opportunity to hang around kindred souls of love and light. ♥20150719_103109_rev

Date:  Saturday, June 26, 2016
Hours:  10:00am-10:00pm

Location: Plano Convention Center, 2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, Texas 75074.

For more information visit the event website.
Check out the Facebook Event Page.

Love & Radiance,
Sandy Anthony

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On-going Events

Trinity Energy Progression™

Open Houses:  I often create Open Houses to spread the word about Trinity Energy Progression™ and the wonderful practice that it is.  It’s a tool, a practice, and an energy healing modality that FULLY supports us in our evolutionary journey, which is more important now than ever.  I share an interactive presentation and allow ample time for Q & A.  Click here for my Trinity Open Houses.

Practitioner trainings:  I love teaching Trinity Energy Progression classes! Trinity Energy Progression is all about freeing oneself and flowing beyond the barriers.  It opens up our Divine Pathways within and leapfrogs our remembrance to our authentic selves and limitlessness. Click here to find out more about upcoming Trinity Practitioner trainings.

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Dance-related Events

Zumba®:  “Let the Music Move you!”  Check out my regularly scheduled Zumba classes.

I really love giving to the community; see the fun we have for my dance-related Community Events.

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Past Events

Rockwall’s 9th Annual Holistic Health Fair


Sponsored by Rockwall Holistic Practitioners Network & The City of Rockwall Parks and Recreation Department
Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Besides having a booth, I also gave a 10 minute talk on “What is Energy Healing?” as well as provided a Magical Movement & Rhythm demo.

Attendees had an opportunity to learn about the impressive array of holistic modalities, services and products available to our community, right here in our own backyard with a chance to meet and talk with practitioners and find out more about holistic health topics. This event provided more insight and education on the benefits of holistic health care. Topics included: Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Rolfing, Energy Healing, Oxygen Therapy, Holistic Dentistry, Midwifery, Colonics, Skin Care, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Medical Massage, Hormone Therapy, Functional Medicine and much more…

Check it out the 2016 event page:




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Living the Shift Guest Speaker

If you had a blue sky choice – and so much money that you’d never have to worry about anything financial ever again – what would you do with your life? Would you do a version of what you’re doing now for a “job”?

There’s a lot of talk about our “higher purpose” or “ultimate soul’s purpose” and yet, many get stuck on what that might be. Questions like, “What am I here to do… how do I figure that out… and then how do I do it?” Many spend a lot of time thinking about this… and here’s the misdirection! The key: Listen to the HEART… because THAT’S where the answer lies!

In this episode, join me when I was special guest of Angela Coulter of “Living the Shift” as we talk about the blocks that often prevent us from stepping into our bliss/purpose, how to flow past them, and how to uncover what that is… and truly blossom from there! ! Yes, it sounds easy… and yet many do their best to avoid it, because of what’s in their MIND/ego. We’ll talk about what to look at, what to consider… and will, as usual, include a clearing to help propel you forward into that light! Great news … the clearing at the end works outside of time and space; so, you’ll benefit whenever you have time to listen in.

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The Ascended World Events

So Many Can “Talk the Talk”… Are YOU Ready to “Walk the Walk” and create a whole new world? Join us for our quarterly (free) Web Summits talking about living in The Ascended World.

Over the past number of years – and continually accelerating at exponentially increasing speed – we’ve begun a major shift on our planet, from an experience of separation, ego, and limitation to an age of unity, higher consciousness, and remembrance. Time to step into who we each are, fully and consciously!

The key: LOVE. Start with learning to love yourself as the Divine, limitless BEing that you are, without judgment… and in turn, learning to love others as part of the Self, and then seeing/loving all else as an interrelated part of the Oneness of which we’re a part.

The Ascended World event series invites you to “walk the spiritual walk” and LIVE from a different perspective, in a different, connection- and love-based way. When we do that, we increase our own vibration, we help others increase theirs, and we increase that of our planet… this beautiful organism of which we’re an integral part!

Held at the turn of each season, during energetic powerhouse periods – Winter, Spring, and Summer – as hosted by Trinity Energy Progression™, listeners to teh recordings will have opportunity to listen in to a multitude of speakers, from a variety of different advanced perspectives (who are Trinity Energy Progression Practitioners and Instructors/Facilitators), and also including special guests who span across the realm of spiritual practitioners and a variety of different practices.

We’ve been talking about what’s going on energetically, how to see things from this different, “ascended” perspective. Topics span the spectrum …whatever is guided and current for the time period. The recordings include all kinds of different clearings, downloads, readings, and activations all along the way … which you will still benefit from even just listening in to the recordings as everything takes place outside of space and time!

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I have some fun resources coming soon!  Check back when you have a chance.

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