There’s Magic All Around…Do You See It?

How many times have you gone outside to see magic in your environment? The wonders and miracles of everyday life, that is. It’s really all around us all the time, yet so many people miss it. I can step outside my front door right now and find at least a dozen magical encounters at my fingertips. It could be a dragonfly flying around my head. It could be a grasshopper hopping around my feet. It could be a spirited child screaming playfully outside. Sometimes magic is in the eye of the beholder. We often miss it because of our expectations about what it is supposed to be. If you think magic has to be something extraordinary and grand, then so it must be. Most of the time, the magical encounters are weaved throughout the simplicity of everyday life. That’s the magic. 😉

102516_magic_blog2What do you think of when you hear the word magic? Is it when a magician pulls out his magic wand and says, “Abracadabra” and proceeds with a magic trick? That is only one way. The dictionary defines it as: “any extraordinary or mystical influence, charm, or power.” It’s also says it is anything that is fascinating, captivating, charming, or enchanting. It’s often irresistible. It’s a mysterious phenomenon and it’s much more than words; it’s a feeling. Magical experiences happen every day and they can be very subtle. How often do we stop and recognize the beauty of what’s right in front of us? The birds chirping, the leaves blowing, the moon glimmering, the fireflies glowing? Are we too consumed with daily life to pay attention?

Are we lost in schedules, checklists, meetings, and appointments? The more we work and hyper focus on details, the more blindsided we become. The push, the pull, the pressures of life….do they to take up all of our time? World events, politics, and family drama can consume us even more. It can seem like these are the only things that matter in the moment because they are so affecting. We can become empty and exhausted. So, what’s the solution? Perhaps it’s looking at what truly matters and carving out time for it….the things that will help free us from stress and expectations. The things that matter are the things that rejuvenate one’s soul, expand one’s heart, and renew one’s energy. They are numerous and eternal. These are magical encounters that can free us from the mundane. It’s a kind of mystery and the beholder knows it when they see it/feel it— it’s the inner knowing of something divine. It gives one peace and a sense of wonder. Magic doesn’t have an explanation, and if it did, it would no longer be magic. 😉

I recently went on a Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator retreat to Orcas Island. Orcas is part of the San Juan Islands off of the coast of Washington. Soul family from all over gathered together to do energy work and to appreciate the island. Talk about magical experience….this place was amazing down to the core. We spent 3 solid days walking around and immersing ourselves in the incredible energy. Presence, stillness, tranquility, and gratitude filled the days. We hiked through mountains, wandered on the beach, paraded through trails, and climbed up rocks. All sorts of untainted nature surrounded us in any given moment—trees, rocks, waterfalls, sand, pebbles, labyrinth, flowers, sunshine, animals, insects, and fresh air. To me, this is the purest form of magic. We allowed ourselves to be immersed in the no-words-to-describe amazing experience and to “JUST BE.” Time melted away. We were separate from all outside influences and distractions; totally out of our heads. This is where the heart is, in this “BEING” place. It’s magical because it’s not something we typically allow in our day to day lives. “ALLOWING” is key. For magic to captivate us, we must be willing participants. We became enraptured for hours.

102516_magic_blog3SO many treasured memories were created on this trip….meditating in front of the Cascade Falls, traipsing through Obstruction Pass State Park, strolling along Pebble Beach, and gazing at the sparkling water that seemed to come to life right before our eyes. We admired the brilliant sunbursts high above that kissed the water below. We were visited by many delightful animals along the way, too, which added an extra enjoyable element. Sea otters swam through the bay as we meditated along Pebble Beach. They popped their heads up out of the water as if to say, “Here I am, come Play with Me!” They were so adorable and cute! I just wanted to reach out and hug them. At one point, we saw a whole family of sea otters swimming together and creating a bundle of joy. The sea otter message is one of pure playfulness and fun. What a wonderful message on our retreat! And of course, we all felt the playful energy around us. We also saw some squirrels while hiking through Moran State Park to get to Cascade Falls. They were playing peek-a-boo behind the trees as if to say, “Catch me if you can!” The squirrel is another animal all about fun. The message is not to take life too seriously. Yes! Life can be and ought to be fun and full of life. And yet another animal that showed up for us on this trip was the beautiful Bald Eagle. Some of our group saw them face to face and some saw them during meditation. The Bald Eagle is an alluring creature and it has a very powerful spiritual message. It’s one of healing, creation, and illumination of spirit. The eagle inspires you to reach higher and stretch your limits. It gives us courage and a desire to become more. It’s a message of rebirthing.

Well, we certainly felt like we were being rebirthed on this retreat. Our group spent a lot of time together indoors as well, connecting, sharing our hearts, and doing energy work together. We laughed, we cried, we cheered. We felt a range of emotions and it was a magical time. We remembered our brilliance. We cleared negative energies, judgment, and things that no longer served us. We turned up our light, our brilliance, and replaced the dark energies with unconditional love and acceptance. We left our soul prints in the sand. We pledged that we would take the magic back home….hold the vibration of love, depth, unity, acceptance, and gratitude and take it back with us to keep forever. We would go home and “Just Glow.” That became our new tagline. 😉

So, all of these things are what I consider magic. And it’s so much more. They are the things that bring us joy, bliss, freedom, gratitude, and peace….and they can be found everywhere. They revitalize, restore, and rejuvenate. And the good news is that you don’t have to go all the way to Orcas Island to experience it. It’s here in our own backyard. It’s simple and profound. At any given moment, you can step away from the mundane to take notice of your wonderful world. Get out of your head and into your heart. Embrace it, accept it, allow it. Magic is where the heart is, and so is healing. We just have to have eyes to see it. It’s hidden in plain sight. ♥





Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

Life is a Gift ~ A Present from You

Have you ever thought about your life as a gift? As a one-of-a kind present given to you from your Creator/HS? When I was a young, I remember having moments of sheer excitement and joy just for being alive. There was this knowing deep inside me that another day has dawned and I have another day to live my wonderful life. Kids love to have fun. Each day I was seeing through a brand new lens, so each day held a new gift. I specifically remember some pivotal magical moments in my life and they gave me great insight. As I reflect back on some of them, I see the bigger picture of my experience and how they led me back to today.

My family and I went to Walt Disney World, Orlando when I was a young girl. I was young, free and looking for magic. REAL magic. Ha, I totally believed it existed! I LOVED every minute of Disney World and all of the characters. I wanted to be Cinderella or Snow White. They had it so good (that’s what the story books said). They were beautiful and their lives were in perfect order. I felt the fairytale experience and I cherished it. I was truly hoping that the characters in Disney World itself were real, as well as the Magic Kingdom. I was feeling the wonder of a child, the purity and fullness of the deepest depths of gratitude. I truly believed that my dreams were coming true. I was in great awe of Cinderella’s castle and I wanted it to be my home. I felt so free and alive. I saw the gift of the moment.

Another incredible experience was on a family camping trip to Timber Shores, located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. It was the most wonderful campground on the planet and a child’s complete delight. This campground had everything a child could want—a big lake, beaches, boating, woods to explore, horseback riding, swimming pools, beach volleyball, a teen arcade, craft classes, and a nice restaurant. Even the adults called it a dream campground. Counselors came by to lead the campers in a sing-along around the campfire. We sang camp songs while we roasted marshmallows and made S’Mores. I remember a pivotal moment on this trip where I felt so alive. I had been taking in all of the wonderful experiences all week-long and one night my family was walking around the campgrounds just for fun. It was very dark out and there were other people out walking, too. Something inspired me get up and run. I was so giddy and I had so much excitement and energy that I couldn’t wait to move. AlI of a sudden, I just bolted. I ran and ran and ran… I ran as fast as I could. I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I was on a high and it was a high for life. I felt SO alive inside and I wished I could feel this way in every moment of every day. I saw the gift of the moment.

When I was a teenager, I became more aware of my body and the workings of it. I learned about cells, tissues, and organs and how they made up the human body. I learned about the energy of life and the energy of cells. My body was made up of cells and energy, how fascinating. I had no idea what was on the inside of me before that day. It seemed so unreal. I always thought I was invincible and never-ending, so how could I be made of something so finite? I grasped onto the concept of cellular life and the spark at the cellular level. I studied science and nutrition and my understanding grew. I understood the gift of life at a whole new level, which prompted deep gratitude. I didn’t even have to tell my body to do this stuff, it just did it. It’s innate cellular consciousness. I remember walking to school one day and looking at my arms, hands and fingers in intricate detail. I was admiring the artistry and the mobility of my delicate joints. Again, I was reminded of what was going on at the cellular level and how everything magically works. My gratitude grew and I saw the gift in the moment.

As I continued on with life, I faced many challenges and not every day was built on a bed of roses. Sometimes I got lost in the darkness and stuck in the muck…and would eventually find myself in a rut. It didn’t feel so exciting. I would look for a permanent getaway–a free ticket to fairyland to melt my troubles away. HaHa, that’s why Disney World was so attractive to me as a child.

I decided to look through a different window and to allow a new thought to permeate. How do I create a new reality that I truly enjoy? Answer: by seeing life as a gift. It’s a present to me by me. I recalled the gracious gift of life I had as a child–and the beauty it brought forth– I could feel a sudden spark of joy. I felt it in my cells and the space between my cells. Truth calling out to me and asking me to remember the gift of life that began as a child. And to see the rainbow after the storm. All of life’s experiences are good….they are wonderful and divine. The “good, the bad, and the ugly.” Yes, it’s truly a gift when one understands this truth. Each experience is part of the soul journey.

All of this participation brings me to today. Our lives are built by our days and by our wonderful moments. Today is a new gift and a new opportunity for all of us. We can create in every moment of every day. As we merge into tomorrow, here are some suggestions to keeping your days alive and full:

  • Notice the environment you’re in and observe how you feel. How alive you feel inside. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like—it can be sunny or cloudy, rainy or clear. You’re alive and that’s what counts.
  • Reflect on the magical moments that made up your day. What was great about the day? What happened, who did you talk to? What did you get excited about? What are you grateful for? Who do you love? Who appreciates you just the way you are? What ideas do you have that spark excitement? Sense everything about your day.
  • Create the emotion you want to feel. What do you see, what do you hear, what do you taste? Take it all in, the taste of life. Feel the heartbeat of life and become sensitive to all that is around you. It’s another day to be alive, to give, to feel, to grow, to enjoy. Live, laugh, and love. Turn up the juice and feel the magic. Love this day because opportunity abounds. Live with passion and purpose. Your life is a gift, it’s a present from you. 🙂





Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

Celebrate Life this Festive Season (and ALL the Time)!

Are you celebrating life this year, this season, this week?  Do you see life as one big party and a nonstop adventure?  If the answer is no, my question to you is “why not?”  Life is meant to be celebrated… to be lived to the fullest and to the fullest extent of joy and happiness.  It’s not just for the holiday season, even though most people do tend to get jollier in the month of December.  Think of when you were a kid—were you not happy?  Children are naturally joyful beings and they don’t know a different way (at least not typically).  They intuitively understand that they are here to be happy and they have a natural enthusiasm for life.  They want to thrive!  That’s why many adults love being around children–they make them feel youthful again and it helps them remember what it was like to be a bouncing ball of energy.  Even if kids have a rough day, they know how to bounce back quickly.  It doesn’t take long to see the return of a smile on their face.  Ahhh, that’s because they have resiliency…they know tomorrow will be another day.  In fact, it doesn’t even take until tomorrow for them to get into a better mood; they are usually cheerful within the hour. Lol!  Again, this is because they innately KNOW they are here to be happy and that life is meant to be enjoyed every day.

I attended a very unique holistic fair recently, and in fact, I even had a booth in it.  It’s called the Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness.  The name alone implies a life-enhancing, life-giving event.  It was filled with life in so many ways, even down to the marketing materials. The flyers were created with bright, vibrant colors and the words almost jumped off of the paper. There was so much positive energy exuding from the flyers that I knew this was a festival for me.  I could feel the energy and the intentions of the creators; I could feel the love and unity and the celebration. Regarding the actual event, the room was packed with dynamic practitioners and professionals who were passionate about sharing their services and products—many of which had left a dull and stressful job to do what they love to do most.  It was so refreshing to see the smiles on their faces as they stood behind their booths eagerly waiting for people to stop by eager anticipation.  Not only was this gratifying to watch, but I was also one of these excited vendors there to celebrate life.  I had left a hum drum life to join the forces of the creative spiritual world to do what I loved. The stage was also filled with another type of warmth—passionate musicians and dancers.  They were incredible performers and the shows lasted ALL day long.  Featured acts included belly dancers, drummers, conscious singers, sound healers, ecstatic dancers, and comic entertainers.  The performing groups had names like Wild Sky Tribal, Little Goddess Tribe, Daisy Windsong, and Tribal Evolution. These people were authentic to who they are. They were there to thrive!  They shared their jubilant and festive spirits with one and all and it was like there was no tomorrow.  They smiled ear to ear and they lit up the room with so much love and light and amazing energy.  All I can say is Wow!  The event lasted from 10:00am—10:00pm and the entertainment outlasted the guests.  This is not indicative of people who are bored, sad, dull, or depressed.  These are vibrant souls who have discovered the magic of life and who have decided to celebrate it.

We have a choice.  We can be happy or sad, alive or bored.  We all have down days from time to time and that’s part of the human experience.  There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s important that we accept the “dark” times as well as the “light” times.  It all comes from a place of love and it was created in love.  However, we don’t have to stay down… and we don’t have to hold onto the lower vibrational experiences of life. We don’t have to be attached to them and we don’t have to exist in a hum drum or mundane state. We are allowed to and worthy to release anything that no longer serves us.  For many of us, that means releasing the chains that bind us….the chains that hold us back from living a life of abundance, joy, and freedom.  Happiness is one of the most significant contributions we can make to ourselves.  When we’re happy, we open up a vortex of well-being and it’s an avenue for all good things to flow to and through us, including abundance and optimal health. Happiness and joy are very high vibrational states.  High vibes attract more high vibes.

During this holiday season of shopping, decorating, parties, and family visits, it can be quite challenging to keep up a perky mood in the midst of family obligations and responsibilities. We’ve been conditioned that we have to do it in a certain way and that we must hustle and bustle to get it all done.  We have a conscious choice to ring in the holidays with stress or with smiles.  We are deserving of spending our days exactly the way we want to, doing the activities that we love to do and not doing the activities we don’t want to do.  This is what high vibrational living is all about and this is the meaning of true freedom. If we love and value ourselves, this is exactly what we’ll be doing…and it’s truly worth celebrating!

Life produces life.  Energy produces energy. Joy produces joy.  Like attracts like. Let’s ring in the holidays with the joy and vibrancy of life.  Emulate and embody our TRUE selves, which is complete, utter, and endless happiness.  Celebrate life like nobody’s watching and bring in the New Year with promise, hope, and trust. Is this how you would like to step into 2016??

About Sandy
Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

Dance in the Flow of Life

Freedom and creativity doesn’t always come easily for people. It hasn’t always been easy for me. There was a time when I didn’t allow myself to open up and play with the creative path. I was usually stuck in my mind and I didn’t pay attention to my inner needs. I was living more for others and the purposes of others; I lacked awareness of my own deep purpose and worthiness. This path was very unfulfilling because a BIG part of me was missing. I woke up one day realizing my emptiness and said “enough is enough.” I resolved to “Dance a new Dance”.

I began to see the world with new eyes, to hear with new ears. It was a most enlightening and eye-opening experience! It was joyous and wondrous. I awakened the MAGIC within and was determined to never to go back. How did I do it? Trinity Energy Progression™ is how I broke free and became the dance of transformation. It’s the most incredible gift ever because it is the energy of remembrance: remembering who we really are as Divine beings and realizing our limitless power. The practice of Trinity Energy Progression has helped me totally embrace a new way of living. What an amazing journey! I now have a business with Trinity Energy Progression clients and students. I’m also a dancer and dance instructor; there’s no coincidence in me using the term “Dance” to explain one’s journey.

I want to encourage you to dance in the flow of life. Embrace the new energies and soar with them. It’s the Dawn of a New Dance. A dance is more than just the traditional movement of one’s body in a rhythmic pattern to music. It is defined here as all aspects of life that will open you up to a lighter, freer existence….one of high vibrational living, all bathing in the flow of love, connectedness, and joy. Here’s how you can dance in the flow of life…..

Dance is a continuous flow….live your life in constant motion, embrace what it is offering you, as it is the soul’s delight. Dance is divine and it will take you to magical places. One of my favorite dance quotes, which is by Nina, is:

“She uninhibitedly danced in the flow of love, and life reflected its beauty back to her.”

Dance unfolds a story…. step into your shoes and live your life with purpose. Be the character that you desire. You can switch back and forth and you can rewrite the story anytime you wish. You are the director, the producer, and the actor.

Dance is freedom… gives you the wings to fly. Let yourself go and embrace your spirit; this is who you are. Trust that your movements will carry you through. Tell your story in the fullness of who you are. You are a divine being of light, so let your light shine in all of its glory. Allow your dance to unfold without fear. Feel the rhythm, trust the flow.

Dance is an opportunity…. make the most of every moment and live your dreams to the fullest. Create moves that make you come ALIVE.  Another of my favorite quotes, which is by Howard Thurman, is:

“Don’t Ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Dance is exhilarating….embrace excitement into your day to day life. Open your eyes and see the gifts around you. Enjoy the little things that cross your path and make them bigger than life. Dance through the song….dance through the flowers….dance through the job….dance through the tasks. Dance through everyday life and see the beauty in each step.

Dance is art in motion… can move however you wish and paint your own portrait. Your feet are the paintbrush and the floor is your sketch. Allow the paintbrush to move fluidly and spontaneously. All of the twists and turns are new doorways and adventures. See them as the bigger you and TRUST. Start moving and bending. Be flexible and allow new avenues to expand.

Dance is forgiving….when you trip up in life, make it part of the dance! Love yourself and be gentle. There is no wrong step. Open your heart and allow it to expand. Choose a new rhythm, step into a new beat. Trust your higher self to redirect you. It’s all part of the inner dance.

Dance is vision….it opens up new insights and understandings. Wisdom comes to life through creative flow. Dancing is divine and it connects you to Creator and your higher self. Open up and be a clear channel. Intuition will sharpen and you will dance through a waking dream.

Dance is transformational….like the beauty of the butterfly as it sheds its cocoon. It’s an exquisite unfolding of the newness of life and flying to new heights. Massive change takes place, yet it is done gracefully and gradually.

Dance is transcendent….leap forward into a new dimension with seamlessness. There are multiple levels to discover if you go deeper. It’s an effortless flow and you must say “Yes!” As the sign says, “Don’t Walk, DANCE.” Let go of mediocrity and take the leap!!

Your Dance is the choreography of your life. Live it as if it WERE a dance. Dance helps you find yourself and it helps you lose yourself. What is your dance saying to you? Where are you going? Are you going to make yourself come alive and live your life to the fullest? Are you going to follow your dreams to the next leap in consciousness? Your dance is YOURS and nobody else’s. Fill your life with new meaning and purpose. Paint your portrait. The universe needs you! Will YOU Dance in the flow of life? It is YOUR dance. It is YOUR chance.

About Sandy
Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

The Power Behind Fun and Freedom

Did you ever think that spirituality could be FUN?? Meaning really fun and really exciting?? Well, it certainly can be; and I am here as living proof to tell you how. I used to be a very rigid person; and I always followed the rulebook. I created boxes around every experience I came into contact with, which became a way of life for me. I would only allow myself to carry out what “I had to do” in life–work , chores, and family/community obligations. I wouldn’t allow myself to have any fun because I always felt I didn’t have enough time for it; and that it simply wasn’t important. I couldn’t see outside of these boxes to save my life. I was VERY comfortable with this way of being. In my mind, it kept me “safe” and predictable….and feeling worthy and loved.

Just a few years ago, I had a huge spiritual awakening during which I became fascinated by what I was learning.  I was guided to look deeper and to see that there is more to life than my seemingly safe, predictable boxes.  I began to see that life really COULD be fun and that’s what life is really all about .. enjoying life and having fun with whatever I am experiencing.

As I cleared away my limiting beliefs with Trinity Energy Progression™— starting with my beliefs around having to feel safe, as well as around having to feel loved and worthy by following the rules and by DOING things for others all of the time. I discovered a new way to be. I allowed myself to look at what truly makes my heart sing and I discovered that it was DANCING. Yet, I hadn’t allowed myself to dance. Why not? My negative self-talk talked me out of it; yet none of those excuses came from divine truth. After several clearings with Trinity Energy Progression, I became free and I allowed myself to explore the possibilities of dance again. I decided to venture out by getting involved in a big community service project. I learned a popular dance routine, rounded up some people, taught them the routine, and then we performed it in front of a live audience. Talk about exhilarating and fun!!! I felt so connected to Creator each time I danced to the music– even though it wasn’t a spiritual song. At first I wondered how that was possible; but I just trusted and followed the flow …. and the flow said to “Keep On Dancing.”  It was so exciting and FUN to reconnect with dance in this way!!! Furthermore, I was connecting with my higher self each time I did it and it became a spiritual experience. It helped me to move stuck energy and I was letting go. I allowed myself a new sense of freedom.

Soon after, I took the next step and signed up for Zumba classes. I found that I LOVED this dance style SO much ….and a year later I became a Zumba instructor. I LOVED to teach and to share my joy with others! In Zumba, it’s all about the fun and excitement and connecting with the music, not the perfection of the steps. It’s a big dance PARTY and it’s so liberating! Every time I taught a class, I felt a huge energetic shift and a release of negative energy. Sometimes I couldn’t get myself to meditate or sit in a silent space, but I could get myself to dance any day of the week. Dance IS a form of meditation, by the way.  Movement is an extraordinary way to allow the freedom inside to blossom. It’s an expression of self… of creativity and flow. I went with the flow, and the freedom I felt was immeasurable. The movement was magical.

Ahhhh….how refreshing to know that it’s OKAY to have fun and freedom in my life, as well as to know that it was all part of my spiritual development. I once believed that spirituality had to be daunting and boring; but I cleared out those beliefs. I’m still dancing and I still use dance to connect to my higher self. I also combine Trinity Energy Progression with dancing to get healing energy in the room. It’s simply divine. I have endless ideas flowing through me in my next steps of dance evolution and the healing arts…. and it all started by making the decision to NOT to stay stuck and to STOP denying myself the FUN and FREEDOM of dance.

This is called transcendence. We are here for the party and it’s time to “Dance Away!!” But dance is not the only way to move stuck energy through fun and freedom. Laughter and humor are also powerful ways. Watch a funny movie, tell jokes, go to a comedy show, read a funny story. Share the humor with a friend and now you’ve really got an amusing snowball rolling….and it will be hard to stop it. Laughter in a group is even more powerful because you will feed off of each other; and you will keep laughing and laughing in a space that feels timeless. You can stay in a high vibrational state for hours after the laughter stops.

Fun can come in a lot of different packages. Don’t put expectations around how it has to look in order for it to be a spiritual experience. It can be transformational no matter how you define it. If you feel stuck and can’t move beyond the blockage… if you feel like it’s difficult to slow down enough to get into a quiet space….if you can’t get the mind chatter out of the way enough to meditate….try an exciting adventure. Break out and be FREE! Be open-minded and embrace new experiences. Discover your inner child of joy and wonder….anything that will raise YOUR vibration. There are endless ways to do this and the key is to ALLOW yourself to enjoy it …. to get the full experience from it; and to be grateful for it. You can catapult forward in amazing ways and you’ll have endless opportunities for releasing and clearing. Now that you have the gist of how liberating FUN and FREEDOM can be, go out there and get it! Move your way to energetic freedom. Find your inner child….as this is the MAGIC of everyday living. Don’t say no, just GO!!

About Sandy
Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression