Trinity Energy Progression

We live in an exciting age of enlightenment and discovery! I am so grateful to be living on the earth at the present time to help others discover their inner light and personal power.  I have been fascinated with energy healing for many years.  I’ve always been drawn to help others heal in some way, shape, or form; so it was a natural decision to become an energy healing facilitator.

My first energy healing modality was Reiki; and I enjoyed it very much. It was very fitting for me, as I was aware that I had healing hands. It was very gratifying to help people in this particular way.

I now provide healing facilitation and intuitive guidance by helping others access their own divine potential and empowerment.  I am trained in Trinity Energy Progression™ as a Practitioner and Instructor/Facilitator and this is my modality of choice. Trinity Energy Progression has changed my life in enormous ways. I have knocked down what I formerly believed were unshakable walls,  expanded enriching relationships, discovered the career of my dreams, created a flow of abundance, and much more.

As a result, I have rediscovered the *MAGIC* and WONDER in everyday life!  Words can not describe my gratitude for this amazing healing modality, and becoming a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner/Instructor was a natural outcome.

I offer two different Trinity classes:

  1. Trinity One: A Course in Self-Mastery
  2. Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Training

For full information on Trinity Energy Progression, including how it “came in” and what it does, check out the Trinity Energy Progression website which also includes a FAQ page and Testimonials.

Want to know more?  The most recent Online Discussion and FAQ session was on Friday, October 24, 2014.

You can check out the recording on the right given by Originator Angela Coulter.  Plus, since Trinity Energy Progression sessions are all done out of time and space, by listening to the recording which includes a Trinity session at the end, you’ll receive whatever is in your “highest and best”.

I am thrilled to help my clients heal, discover their own inner truth, and create a life based on complete empowerment.  I also love being able to embrace the limitless possibilities that Trinity offers and to teach the same to my students!

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