Trinity One: A Course in Self-Mastery

female hands with the planet Earth over starry universe like a concept of ne spiritual era“Are you ready to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world… but you’re not sure exactly how to do that? What better time than NOW?

Would you like to make yourself your priority, flow through change, amp up your self-development, and potentially free yourself of ALL barriers – spiritual, emotional/mental, physical, environmental, in a place of love? Are you ready to completely tap into your Divine abilities – intuition and connection, and step into the full Divine Being you are, while enjoying every moment of the magical ride?

This 6-hour class (split into 3 weeks of 2 hours each) is exploring the foundations and basic practice of limitless conscious creation, which includes meditation, changing the vibration of our thoughts and words, and then powerful, transformative healing implementation of all types (physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental) and shifting your reality into one you truly enjoy – all in your hands!

At the end of the class, you’ll walk away with a powerful, infinite tool that will help you remember discernment with higher consciousness (vs. ego), free yourself to exist from a place of love, power, trust, and expansiveness vs. ego, limitations, fear, and reclusion (VERY different than many, many spiritual practices), progress your consciousness and view of the bigger picture exponentially, help you remember how to “heal” yourself – or rather, LIBERATE yourself of your limitations, and be the ABSOLUTE BEST you can be!

All that’s required is your guidance and being driven to do so. You can be just beginning, someone who’s meditating and wants to know “what’s next,” or someone who’s had a spiritual practice for eons. ALL can benefit!”

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